About Us

Electre-TSD was created to provide specialist protection engineering support.

We find today that many organisations are becoming focused on their core activities, with their staff becoming multi-disciplined and often having heavy workloads. For them to keep up with changes in technology, especially in such a specialist field as protection can be very time consuming and daunting.

How We Work With You

We take great pride that many organisations treat Electre-TSD protection consultants as part of their own protection team.

By encouraging this approach, we can work closely with our clients to provide them with a trusted and supportive resource.

This arrangement has the benefit of enhancing and improving the productivity of our clients own engineering staff.

Our Expertise

We know that the appropriate protection of an electrical network is crucial if it is to provide the operational reliability demanded of it.

The key word here is appropriate. In appropriate protection schemes, if they are either insufficient i.e. do not provide adequate protection or over protect, i.e are too complex, they can be very costly to an organisation.

Often there are many competing issues in a protection design, which require a solution based on compromise, sound judgment and many years of practical experience.

We provide protection reports that are written to provide clear and precise advice or recommendations that can be understood by general engineers.

Our reports separate the more complex protection issues from the general executive summary of the report so it is clearer to read and understand.

A full explanation is provided within the body of the report to allow those with greater protection expertise deeper insight if so desired. The reports contain full documentation of the network data used and include extensive fault level calculations, protection relay settings and detailed grading study curves.